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About us

Scandinavian Sports Services is a part of Scandinavian Student Services AB, a company aiding student and student-athletes in counselling for studies abroad. Scandinavian Sports Services is specially developed for you as an athlete that wishes to combine academics and athletics at a College/University in the USA.

Our service to you as a prospective student-athlete contains, academic counselling, help in the admissions process, evaluation of your athletic ability, preparation of becoming eligible to compete in your sport and help towards receiving scholarships for academic and athletic abilities.

With our network of universities, prior experience of studies in combination with athletics and a background in the coaching profession at the college/university level in the US, we can offer a service that has not been available in previously in Scandinavia. By being licensed Colege Coaches in the US we are specialists in the complicated rules (NCAA) that govern all sports at the collegiate level. We also possess a network of college coaches contacts that no other organisation can match. In short, knowledge and experience for you to take advantage of!

Scandinavian Sports Services can therefore offer the greatest chances to scholarships for you as an athlete. This at accredited universities located in the most attractive regions in the USA. Our concept of tailoring a solution based upon your athletic- and academic abilities combined with spectacular experiences in the best located and most exciting places that the US has to offer is what separates Scandinavian Sports Services from the rest.

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About us




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