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Why study abroad?

Combining academics ant athletics in the US is an adventure and will provide you with experiences that will help you grow as a person. Personal development and maturity together with developing your athletic skills are some of the traits you take with you after completing studies abroad. Many college teams have players from around the world and the camaraderie and friendship bonds developed with fellow students and teammates is something that you carry with you for life. The linguistic improvement and the cultural experience of practicing an competing in an international environment provides you with life experience.

Taking the step and going to the US at the age of 18-19 and returning when your are 22-23 is a very good alternative. Combining studies with competition in your sport at a college in the US gives you the opportunity to continue developing athletically and at the same time acquire an academic degree. You give yourself the chance to be successful in your sport and get an education you can fall back on when your athletic career comes to an end. Normally most athletes reach their best level when they turn 23-28 and by that time you have completed your studies and are now ready for a continuing athletic- or professional career.

Give yourself the opportunity to fulfil your professional dreams whilst preparing for the life after atletics with a first class education. We at Scandinavian Sports provide you with our experience from our college studies to give you guidance to make tour college experience the best it can be!


Why study abroad?




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