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Scandinavian Student & Sports Services frequently visit high schools and sport clubs to lecture on the subject of studying abroad.

At our seminars, students get a possibility to gain insights and knowledge from our staff and to ask questions on the topic of studying abroad. All of our lecturing staff has personal experience of combining academics and athletics at a university in the US. At our seminars we aim to increase knowledge for Scandinavian students regarding the possibilities that exist to study at a US university. We provide a step-by-step lecture on how to go about if you want to pursue studies abroad.

Our lecturing schedule provides information on how to go about applying to universities abroad, prerequisites and steps that need to be undertaken, considerations of conducting studies in another language, what financial aid is available for me as a student, and what will studies abroad do for my future career. All this and much more in an interesting lecturing schedule. After the seminar there is the ability to ask questions and meet our staff for counseling. Here you can get information on colleges and universities that would fit your requests!

Welcome to our Seminars!

Lecturing Schedule

Prerequisites for studying abroad

  • Grades, core subjects
  • Language prerequisites
  • Language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT)
  • Practice of your sport

Student options for studying abroad

  • Academic classes
  • Bachelor Degrees (ex. Economy, IT, Design, Marketing, etc.)
  • Master Degrees
  • Differences in educations and schools

Recruiting process

  • Building a portfolio
  • Contact with admissions and the US coaches


  • CSN
  • Athletic scholarships
  • Academic scholarships
  • International scholarships

Future career

  • Where can studies abroad take me
  • Comparing a foreign degree with a degree from your native country

Additional topics

  • Housing
  • Traveling preparations
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Budget etc.






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