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Athletic Scholarships

To qualify for athletic scholarship you need to be a great athlete. However, this is simply not enough. It is a long process and the school also requires you to be a good student. Therefore, it is very important your grades are good from High School or when you transfer from an International University.

Athletic Scholarship is hard to come by and is very competitive to get one. The School recruit student-athletes from all over the world, which makes it hard to receive an athletic scholarship.

It is the Head Coach responsibility to give out the athletic scholarship and many times the athletic scholarship can be combined with a different scholarships (for instance Academic Scholarship) Scholarships are given out on a yearly basis and are commonly automatically renewed if the student athlete will perform well both on and off the field.

There are many factors that will determine how much scholarship the specific Head Coach is willing to offer you. A major factor is how good you are at your sport. Other factors such as scholarship budget, size of school, what time of the year you are applying and if the coach is in need for a player/athlete in the position you are playing. The best advice is to start the process 6-12 months in advance. Chances are the Head Coach will have more money available the earlier you apply.

Furthermore, it is common that the scholarship is a so called partial scholarship. This means that a percentage of your tuition will be covered, and the student will have to finance the remaining cost of tuition room and board.

In some cases the student will be awarded as so called “Full Ride”. This means that the university will offer the student a full scholarship and there is no cost for the student athlete. This is not very common and the student athletes need to be at a very competitive level.

Scandinavian Sports Service will assist you during the whole application process. We will help you find a school that suits your needs, including your personal, academic and athletic needs. We will introduce your player profile to a big network of coaches and help you find a school that is perfect for just you!

Athletic Scholarships




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