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Why choose us?

If you are considering combining athletics and academics at the university level in the US, we at Scandinavian Sports Services are experts in helping you make it happen!

Being the only agency in Scandinavia with staff being former college coaches we have an unprecedented relationship with the college coaching community. Our ambition is to give both the potential student-athlete and the coaches in the US the best service available on the market.

Our core values for service are stated below!

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Personal assistance
  • Contacts/Network
  • Affordable

You as a student-athlete is always welcome to us for a free consultation regarding your possibilities for studying abroad!

With the starting point of the student-athlete’s prerequisites and requests, Scandinavian Sports begins the process of contacting college coaches across the US.

Scandinavian Sports acts as an independent and has a network of over 300 different colleges and universities across the US and Australia. This in order to find the perfect school to for you based on your personal requests!

With our network of universities, former experience of being student-athletes in the Us ourselves and a background of coaching college soccer; we can offer a service that has not previously been provided in Scandinavia! By being former college coaches we are experts in the complex rules & regulations that govern college athletics. Knowledge and experience for you to take advantage of!

Our service for you as an interested student-athlete includes academic counseling, help with the application process, financing, visa application process, evaluation of athletic prerequisites and help in your search for scholarships and much more.

We can present an affordable alternative in order to provide”value for money” for you as a student athlete! Why pay more for a service that can be made available better and to a lower cost! This in order to realize the college dream for those with the talent and desire of combining academics & athletics but doesn’t have the financial complete a college application.

Your cordially welcome to us here at Scandinavian Sports Services!


Why choose us?




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