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Scandinavian Sports Services was founded in the year of 2005 by two entrepreneurs and visionaries who wanted to share their knowledge and experiences concerning studying abroad in combination with participating in athletics.

After having worked with recruiting Scandinavian athletes to colleges and universities in the US, we noticed discrepancies and flaws with how recruiting agency’s abroad that we dealt with handled these delicate matters. The main thing that always was absent was the part of proper scouting on the recruiting agency’s part. This to a coach is the most essential thing in recruiting an international student. As well as not being able to fully understand and to manage the entire acceptance process for an international student athlete, on the agencies part, was damaging to the prospective student-athlete and the institution doing the recruiting. Due to this there was a reservation from the coaches to fully trust agencies referring students and its motives for sending over students.

In combination of bad guidance and poor preparation of the prospective student athletes the end results were often that the athletes were improperly awarded scholarships and not being eligible to partake in the sport of their choice. It is this that Scandinavian Sports Services aims to improve and therefore offer a better service towards college coaches and student athletes for better and correct placement of athletes.

Early we noticed the great interest and demand for our organisation by colleges/universities in the US and its coaches. To have the knowledge and experience from coaching college teams ourselves in combination with being certified in the rules that govern college athletics is something that we are alone of possessing in Scandinavia.

The result became an organization with excellent service towards students and coaches and a network of Colleges and coaches in the most attractive regions in the US. Here we are able to provide a tailored solution to the student by finding the right level of competition, in conjunction with academic interests in exotic places, giving the student an unforgettable array of extraordinary adventures that will last a lifetime.

During the year of 2005/2006 our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading institution for referring Scandinavian athletes to American Universities. Our ambition is to establish more options for all athletes at all levels and increase our number of partnering universities in the US.






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