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Partner Universites

We at Scandinavian Sports Services use individual prerequisites and college location requests as a starting point when contacting college coaches on your behalf.

Scandinavian Sports acts as an independent and has a network of over 300 different colleges and universities across the US and Australia. This in order to find the perfect school to for you based on your personal requests!

Our universities are thoroughly chosen after one simple rule:
We do not recommend a student attending a school, we ourselves wouldn’t be interested in attending. This is something that differentiate us from our competitors. You can always rely and feel secure in knowing that you will come to a school with big possibilities, interesting and exciting surroundings. We deliver only the best!

Our starting point has been a focus on what we believe are the most attractive regions to conduct studies at. Our universities are mainly located in the following US regions:

  • North East: Our starting point in the north east is New York City. We cover the entire attractive cities as Boston, Long Island, New York, Connecticut, Washington and the Great Lakes area of Chicago and Cincinnati. Scandinavian Student & Sports Services US-office is located in fashionably the Hamptons, NY.
  • South East: Here Florida is the starting point. We cover wonderful Florida, Georgia, North- and South Carolina.
  • West Coast: Here you can find universities in California, Washington, Arizona and Colorado. Throughout these states you find cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Denver by the spectacular Rocky Mountains.
  • Hawaii: These wonderful islands in the Pacific Ocean that attracts visitors for its beautiful scenery of beaches and mountains. Here you will find the best surfers in the world but also first class universities and athletics.



Partner Universites




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