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Tuition and costs

American schools are very dependent on the fee that the student pays to the school. This “Educational Fee” is called Tuition. As an international student you are well taken care of, and each school has an International Student Department that helps and guides the International students during their time at the school. At the school the students have access to libraries, computer rooms, gyms, study halls and most schools have other extra curricular activities that different clubs and organizations organize. The schools also have a Health Department staffed by nurses and doctors.

Since many students will be moving to school, from overseas as well as domestically, the school grounds, or the so-called “Campus” will be like a home away from home. The students have the opportunity to rent a student room* on campus and there is also a cafeteria where the students can buy snacks as well as proper food cooked by chefs. This is called “Room and Board”. Since so many students are living on campus you will directly be exposed to new friends, activities and truly experience the true college feeling! It is required by many schools to live on campus your first and your second year. We at Scandinavian Sports Services also recommends on campus living. In some cases special arrangements can be made.

The cost of school can be summed up in “Tuition, Room and Board”. Scandinavian Sports will assist you in the scholarship process and together with study loans and grants from CSN, we will help you achieve your dreams and you will be able to finance your education.

* Not all campuses have rooms to rent. The students all live so called “Off-Campus”. For more information please contact Scandinavian Sports.


Tuition and costs




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