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Are you interested in combining sports and studies in the US? Do you want to continue in the process of reaching your dream of studying abroad?

Below you see the entire application process:

  1. Information

The first step if you are interested in applying is to familiarize yourself with the information and content of this website. Here you will be able to find out more about the prerequisites need for applying. You also have the ability to ask questions directly to us via mail. Länk till Questions & Answers. If you want to discuss your ability to study abroad there are several ways of contacting us or to schedule a personal meeting (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö).

  1. Application Questionnaire (SQ)

Om du vil melde din interesse så haar vi et Intresseskjema(SQ) som skal fylles ut og sendes Scandinavian Sports. SQ betyr Sports Questionnaire og vi trenger denne informasjonen for å bedømme dine idrettslige og personlige forutsetninger. Vi trenger også karakterutskriftene dine/ kompetansebevis. (Har du ikke gått ut grunnskolen kan du sende en studieplan). Du kan fylle ut en SQ-blankett direkte her eller skrive ut og faxe eller sende den til Scandinavian Sports. OBS! Merk at SQ-blanketten skal fylles ut på engelsk!
KliKK her for SQ (pdf).

If you would like to apply you need to fill out a Questionnaire (SQ) to Scandinavian Sports. SQ means Sports Questionnaire and this need to be filled out in order to evaluate your athletic and academic prerequisites. We also need a copy of your high-school transcripts. (If you have not finished high school you can submit a study program curriculum and grades obtained so far.) You can fill out a SQ-form directly on-line SQ or print out an SQ-form, fill it out and then fax or mail it to us here at Scandinavian Sports. SQ-form needs to be filled out in English.

Click here for SQ (PDF).

Don’t forget to send us your high school transcripts! You can send them in a separate envelope to:
Scandinavian Sports Services
Amiralsgatan 6
211 55 Malmö

  1. Personal meating

When your SQ has been evaluated by our staff we contact you to discuss your options and how to continue in the process. The most common is to schedule a personal meeting where we go into detail in the application process, discussing academic & athletic options and an activity plan. The personal meeting gives you the best opportunity to discuss your personal requests, your prerequisites, complementary steps and tests to conduct and your chances of scholarships etc. It is important to clarify what complementary actions that needs to be taken by you as the student in order to improve on your possibilities to be successful in the US. You can also report your interest in participating in tryouts, so called “showcases” that are arranged by Scandinavian Sports.

  1. Scouting

Since Scandinavian Sports have a very good relationship with the coaching community in the US we prefer to always personally evaluate our athletes after having seen them in practice or in competition. This aspect which we are alone in conducting gives you as an athlete a greater chance of finding a university that fits your competitive level. The end result of this process gives you a better ability to match you with the right college or university and increases your chances to scholarships.

  1. Serviceavtal och matchningsprocessen

When you have decided to use Scandinavian Sports services a Service Agreement is signed. This stipulates our commitment to you as a student athlete, charges that apply etc.

When all your documents are completed the staff starts to contact universities and the matching process begins. Here we contact schools and coaches in the US that matches your interests, choice of location and level of athletics and academics. This is the most important step in the process and it is here that our experience, knowledge and large network of schools and college coaches provides you with the best alternative available.

You will also receive detailed information, check lists and tips to help ease the application process. It is important to use these tools to go over that all steps in the process are done, for example tests, visa application, insurance, applying to schools, housing, financing, scheduling flights, prepare tryouts or visiting the US. In other words a lot of planning and actions needed to be dealt with!

  1. Travel

We at Scandinavian Sports is with you throughout your journey. You can count on us being there whilst in the US and we are only an e-mail or phone call away!






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